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What is Kidney Failure by Angela Haag

By at September 14, 2015 | 8:33 am | 0 Comment

Kidney’s play a huge role in the way your body functions and maintaining homeostasis by removing toxins and wastes from the blood. Kidney failure is defined as your kidney’s stop working to the point where you may not be able to live anymore. It can happen very slowly or very suddenly over time. Like in most cases, kidney failure can be permanent. When kidney failure more...

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What is Down Syndrome? By Sabrina Hassan

By at September 13, 2015 | 7:49 am | 0 Comment

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder which occurs when there is a full or extra copy of chromosome 21.  Typically, the nucleus which stores genetic material contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, accounting for a total of 46 chromosomes that help shape the genetic make up of an individual; however, an individual with Down Syndrome will have a total of 47 chromosomes, or more...


Unknown Lab Report | How to Identify E. coli | Microbiology

By at September 9, 2015 | 7:36 am | 0 Comment

   UNKNOWN LAB REPORT, MICROBIOLOGY Unknown #117 and Alternate #9  Josephine Vitale May 5th, 2015 Microbiology Lab   Introduction Correctly identifying microorganisms is an important and imperative process. The reasons for its importance stem from the fact that microorganisms are all around us, ever changing, affecting everyone and everything they more...


What are Intraocular Lenses? by Megan Eaton

By at September 7, 2015 | 8:51 am | 0 Comment

Intraocular lenses have been around for a little over 60 years but have helped millions of people ranging in age. Many people have different kinds of issues with their eyes that impair their vision. Before intraocular lenses were invented, individuals with cataracts would have their cataracts removed and nothing would replace the lens. They would need glasses with thick more...


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