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Tests for How to Identify P. aeruginosa | Microbiology Unknown Lab

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UNKNOWN LAB REPORT Unknown #119 Molly Doyle 05/05/15 Professor Snaric Microbiology - BIO 203 2015         INTRODUCTION Bacteria play a huge role in our lives every day. The word “bacteria” may carry a negative connotation with the general public; however, there are many bacteria that help keep us alive and healthy. Both helpful more...


How to Identify Enterobacter aerogenes and Bacillus cereus | Microbiology Unknown Report

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UNKNOWN LAB REPORT Sommar Spiniolas May 5, 2015 BIO 203: Microbiology     INTRODUCTION Bacteria are ubiquitous, which makes it important to be able to identify them. They are found on our skin, in our bodies, in the soil, in our food, in the air, and in water. (4) Many of these bacteria are harmless, or even helpful in fighting other bacteria, or to more...

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