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1st Time BLS


Need CPR for Healthcare Providers?

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers in Tampa, FL.


*NOTE: This CPR Class Satisfies CPR Requirements for School Programs that are related to ALL Healthcare and Medical Programs. Such as nursing, medical, dental, radiology, pharmacy, therapy, EMT/Paramedic, etc.


CPR for Healthcare Providers, Tampa

This American Heart Association CPR class in the Tampa, Florida area satisfies the required certification that students must have in order to participate in their healthcare/medical related programs. This course covers adults, children and infant basic life support including high quality CPR and AED use.

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What You Will Learn

  • -Fundamentals of High Quality CPR.
  • -How to Give Proper Chest Compressions.
  • -How to Provide Rescue Breaths.
  • -How to Use a Bag Valve Mask.
  • -1 and 2 rescuer Infant, Child, and Adult Basic Life Support
  • -AED Training for Infants, Children, and Adults
  • -Choking Intervention
  • -and much more….

CPR Class Tampa




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  • -Satisfies CPR Requirements for School Programs!
  • -100% American Heart Association accredited.
  • -Friendly & Helpful Instructors.
  • -Get Your Card Day of Class.
  • -Relaxed Classroom Environment.
  • -All Hands-On.
  • -We Are Here to Help You Succeed!!


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CPR for Healthcare / Medical Programs / School CPR Requirements.
Students in school programs that are related to healthcare or emergency medical are required to have a valid CPR certification. Please be cautious by online CPR companies that tell advertise all online classes. These are not legitimate American Heart Association (AHA) courses and most likely will not be accepted by your program. The AHA does not have a course that is completely online that will culminate in a BLS for Healthcare Provider certification card. The AHA does offer a part of the course online, but then it is required that the student goes to an accredited AHA training site to complete the skills testing. Only after successful completion of a skill test will a CPR certification be granted. So beware of online companies disguising themselves as AHA certified. CPR Tampa offers 100% American Heart Association classes and is a certified AHA training site.

This CPR class covers adults, children and infants. It includes training on basic CPR techniques such as chest compressions and rescue breathing, as well as choking intervention and AED use. This course will teach you how to work with one and two rescuer situations.

Our teaching philosophy includes creating a stress-free and relaxed classroom environment. We believe that optimal learning occurs under such conditions. Our instructors are highly trained in the AHA courses that they teach, and most importantly they are there to make sure you learn the material thoroughly so you are prepared if and when you need to implement life saving procedures. We want to help you succeed and make sure you enjoy yourself at the same time. Although our classes are structured and well organized, allowing for speed and efficiency, we also focus on making the class fun! We want you to tell your friends and co-workers about us. We also want to see you again in 2 years! Our goal is to offer the best CPR for Healthcare Providers class Tampa, Florida has to offer! 🙂


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