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Which Class Do I Need?

Use the Class Descriptions Below to Determine the Class You Need to Take.


Course Descriptions:


BLS 1st TimeCPR for Healthcare Providers
**This CPR class Satisfies ALL Medical and Healthcare Related School Programs.
Also known as BLS for Healthcare Providers, this course is designed for anyone in nursing school, dental or medical school, or any emergency medical, clinical or healthcare related degree program. BLS stands for Basic Life Support. This American Heart Association course teaches CPR techniques from how to give a proper chest compression and rescue breath to AED use on infants, children and adults.
This course is also known as CPR for Healthcare Providers.


BLS Renew Class, TampaBLS Renew
Anyone who has received a BLS Provider Card before would take this class to refresh their Basic Life Support card for another two years. This course is taken by doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, dental hygienists, radiologists, paramedics, EMTs, chiropractors, PA’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, etc.




ACLS 1st TimeACLS Certification, Tampa
Advanced Cardiac Life Support class is for specialized medical professionals such as surgeons, critical care doctors and nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other emergency medical providers who work in life threatening and critical environments. This class is offered as a Stress-Free, Relaxed, All-Inclusive One Day Course.




ACLS RenewACLS Renew, Tampa
ACLS certifications are valid for two years. Providers are required to renew their cards before the two year expiration. In order to be eligible for an ACLS Refresher course, a valid, non-expired card must be presented at the time of class. If the certification has lapsed, the only option is to retake the ACLS 1st Time Course.




PALS 1st Timepediatric-life-support-tampa
Pediatric Advanced Life Support is for any healthcare professional whose work entails pediatric crisis. Specialized doctors and nurses, as well as paramedics and other medical specialists who must have an enhanced understanding and working knowledge of pediatric assessment and skills need to be PALS certified. This course is offered as an All-Inclusive One Day Class. All classes offered by CPR Tampa are taught in a Stress-Free, Relaxed and Friendly classroom environment.



PALS Renewpals-renew-tampa
All American Heart Association courses are valid for two years, including PALS. It is required that the PALS provider has a non-expired card in order to be eligible for the PALS refresher course. If the certification is no longer valid, i.e. the 2 years has lapsed, then the individual is required to take the 1st Time PALS course again.




HeartSaver® CPRcpr-tampa
HeartSaver® CPR is an American Heart Association class for Non-Healthcare Professionals such as lifeguards, teachers, trainers, coaches, parents, electricians, babysitters, daycare centers, restaurants, OSHA approved, etc. This AHA class is for anyone who wants to learn CPR on infants, children and adults, as well as learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).



HeartSaver® First Aid and CPRfirst-aid-tampa
This combo class certifies individuals in both First Aid and CPR. This course is designed by the American Heart Association for those without a medical background who want to learn basic first aid and life saving techniques. This class is meant to teach individuals what to do during emergency situations until professional medical service can arrive. This course meets OSHA regulations.



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